History of Seestandup.com
SeeStandup.com was founded in the year 1997 as a live performance based marketing and promotions agency.  In 2008, we began a virtual presence and doubled our business.  We deliver innovative marketing strategies for any type of business using live standup and music events.  Our principal office is in Chicago and an estimate to open an Nebraska satellite in 2016

What we really do (Service)
Seestandup.com specializes in real life and web based marketing solutions using events Standup comedy and other.  We began producing events and grew into an grass root to upscale full service event production and marketing firm.  Our special services include incorporating branding, design, copy writing and consulting for a wide range of products and businesses in today's market.  Specifically we get your product in front of the demographic you are looking for.  We pick artists who complement your product and infuse the product into the event in such a creative way that the customer is seduced into loyalty to your brand.  We assist you in collecting data to keep the demographic of your choice engaged through social media.  The future of this company is to dominate the performance world and grow our client base to capture the movie industry next.  We service crowds of 20 -20,000 and touch all age demographics.  Presently our main demographic is college aged 21-26 and 32-47 years of age concert and performance goers'.  We incorporate talent management, strategic planning, investment and insurance risk to create a thirst for the product we are contracted too.

Be Part of Our Community
We are a Chicago centered business.  SeeStandup.com contracts across the World and United States especially, with the sale of Standup performance packages we fulfill the client's needs. Primarily we service clients consistently in Boston, Chicago and major markets with a presence in Alabama, Virginia, Georgia (Atlanta) and  the Upper Peninsula Michigan.  We are currently moving into Omaha and Grand Rapids Michigan with special projects. By leveraging our creative talents, technical resources, and incorporating it in many of the spaces we define SeeStandup.com is capable of dominating the market.  There is presently no one doing what we do.