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We work very hard to bring you a new standard in Standup Comedy and performance.

2015 the artist is taking CONTROL OF THE ART. The first was with music now is the comedy equivalent of that. Enjoy our comedian of the month and remember when you wanna hire a comedian- if you really wanna SeeStandup .....See us

About Us

Use SeeStandup to use Comedy for a variety of purposes. If you need to fundraise, celebrtate or expose the world to a new product - Seestandup is the place for you do that. We have built and nurtured relationships with talent in a variety of entertainment fields. We are the best current up-and-coming acts in the industry. The artist is now in control of his/ her art whether in a comedy festivals or a comedy clubs, college conventions to corporate events, cruise ships to casinos, we diversify our relationships and control our art in a professional manner.

We are the standup comedians you wanna see

Here's the "REAL" we not only "Do" comedy but we also control the marketing


Show Structure

The introduction of the host of your Platinum Laughs show will start the ball rolling! As the show is now underway each performer has 10-45 minutes to entertain the audience. The total number of performers is to be kept between 3-5 including host and headliner. A 45 minute “headliner” will be the final performer (to be discussed during contractual neg). Performers have local, national and international credits and will perform as such. Most performers’ credits include but are not limited to Comedy Central, BET, and other major networks. The actual show will run a total of ninety minutes total. Afterward, the DJ’s will spin music for dancing and entertainment purposes. (More socializing)

Venue Assistance

No matter what city or state your in we have a relationship there to fit your needs. Whether your fundraising effort need a theater, club or banquet hall we can help.

An Engaging Environment

Our expert interior design team can make sure your event is pleasing to the eye. We use exceptional video monitor placement, lighting, graphic design and banner placement to assist the sponsor in getting their product exposed to the crowd.

Social Media Integration

Phase I


Basic Version


Comedians: 3-5 Nationally touring comedians.
Printed tickets for your event

DJ Services and signage

Gold Version


This is perfect exposure for fundraisers, small business and startups.

Comedians: Your event - one Nationally Known Comedian

3-5 touring support cast comedians

(contact us for the list)

DJ Services DJ list provided
Signage is an option

Platinum Version

Call for Pricing

Comedians 2 to 5 Nationally known (TV recognition) touring comedians (list provided)
Ticket and Graphic Design
DJ included

Marketing, Email, PR assistance

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Using This


Mother's Day 2015 was a huge success mainly because of the magnificent talent Mr Foster booked. Many people expressed to our chapter that this was THE BEST MOTHERS DAY SINCE LOSING THEIR MOM! Knowing that, our decision to hire Mr Foster for future events is a win/win. Mr Foster is a preferred booking agent for the Chicago Chapter of Women Entrepreneurs of America! "

D. Williams-Bankhole
Womens Entrepreneurs of America

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